EM-12 Automatic Throughfeed End Matcher


  • 12" Wide Continuous Through-Feed System - Handles Random Length Min. 12" to Any Length
  • Designed to produce end match tongue & groove on hardwood flooring and paneling
  • Also can be used for Finger Joint Cutting – if desired
  • Can handle random lengths from 11” to an unlimited length
  • Powered 10’ roller infeed conveyor and 8’ gravity outfeed conveyor (other lengths and options available to suit your requirement)
  • The throughfeed design allows for the tongue and groove to be cut simultaneously
  • Counter rotating cutterheads and anti-tear out blocks ensure a superior finish
  • Carbide insert cutterhead set included
  • Easy to use touch screen control will also keep track of the total linear feet run as well as keep a piece count.
  • Complete Safety and Noise Reduction Enclosure
  • All Controls easily accessed from front of machine
  • Variable speed through feed systems is controlled by frequency inverter
  • Carbide Insert Type T & G Cutterheads – included Std – 1 set (extras optional)


Workpiece Length 12"~Unlimited
Workpiece Width 1.6"~12"
Workpiece Thickness 0.4"~1.38"
Feed Speed (Variable) 0~295 FPM


  • Worm Gear Drive System
  • (2) Counter Rotating Spindles
  • User Friendly Touch Screen Control
  • Powered Infeed Roller Table
  • Outfeed Slide Table Allows for Continuous Production
  • Insert Knife Cutterheads
  • Powered Infeed Roller Table